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After 5 years of being in this space, we have decided to close our shop.

We still have so many cute things ready to ship and need your help clearing them out!

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Sensitive Skin?

Us too!

When our daughter got her ears pierced, we loved seeing her excitement at the big wide world of earrings!

However, we learned very quickly that she was super sensitive to cheap, basic metals. They would make her ears swell and hurt. So, we made it our goal to find earrings that our daughter LOVED, and also earrings that wouldn't hurt her super sensitive ears.

The earrings in our store is the result!

Through trial and error, we have found that high end 925 Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Earrings have the perfect Hypoallergenic qualities to alleviate Skin Sensitivies.

Each of the earrings in our shop has been tested rigorously by our daughters. They have been put through the sleep, play, and swim challenge. And, all of these earrings passed with flying colors!

We are beyond excited to finally having them ready for you!

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